Being Green and Squeaky

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Through generations our world has become lost in a sea of mass consumerism, which is poisoning our bodies – literally. We are connected to everything else on the planet and have forgotten how to think and fall together with nature. Instead, we are now disconnected from what our planet provides us with, because the natural foods we have been blessed with are either being sprayed with chemicals, processed or genetically modified
The root of the word “health” is not only related to healing but also “wholeness” – when one is in tune physically, mentally & spiritually.

My lifestyle consists of a “wholefood” plant based diet consisting of fresh, organic (wherever possible) non GMO (genetically modified organism) fruits & vegetables. Neither salt or sugar are added to any of my recipes, instead i use a plethora of medicinal and culinary herbs and spices.
Eating these foods allow us to reconnect spiritually with our bodies by clearing our minds & soul thus reconnecting our balance with mother nature.

Join me as i spread the word that food is medicine and how our souls need to be nourished as nature intended. So if you are looking to awaken your spirit and be a happier, healthier version of yourself, swing into my kitchen.

Lots of love

“Think green – the cleansing empowering green of chlorophyll, the green that feeds, fuels oxygenates & medicates our planet” -Dr James A Duke


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