Juniper & Rosehip Tea


Boost your immune system & let your skin glow
Everyone deserves to glow on the outside & inside, so here’s my little secret
& a sprinkle of knowledge
– – –
Some herbal wisdom.
Juniper Berries (Juniperus Communis)
The Juniper is a small shrub found in Europe, North America and Asia. The berries are picked in Autumn when they have turned black. Usually used to flavour spirits and food it is also reputed to have medicinal properties when taken raw or infused with hot water for chest complaints, indigestion and acts as an antiseptic and stimulant.
– – –
Rosehip (Rosa Canina)
The fruit of the Rose plant – Dried Rosehip and seeds are used together to make medicine.
Conatins Vitamin A – commonly known as the “skin vitamin” which helps to regenerate skin cells healing wounds and scars as well as nourishing skins elasticity. Rosehip can also boost the immune system, stomach irritations, fever and infections.
– – –
I decided to mix these two herbs together (as they have similar healing properties) to brew a beautiful aromatic tea, surprisingly so delish. When my body is calling for help I mix 1 teaspoon each & brew in boiling water for 5-8 minutes.
Try your local health-food store for dried herb purchases.
– – –

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